LaunchBox Ladies Ambassadors Circle

Women In Leadership Supporting Women In Business

Ambassadors Circle is a circle of influence to support and elevate the status of women leaders and women entrepreneurs in the Lehigh Valley. It is an opportunity to engage, inspire, and cultivate the power of women through recognition of their unique challenges and victories.

The Ambassadors Circle expands the impact of LaunchBox Ladies and strengthens the network of women entrepreneurs. This circle of passionate, inspirational businesswomen meets annually and are committed to supporting LaunchBox Ladies and female entrepreneurship in the Lehigh Valley.

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Member Benefits:

  •  Networking with established women entrepreneurs
  •  Inclusion in an invitation-only exclusive event each year
  •  Opportunities to be recognized as a distinguished Ambassador for women’s entrepreneurship
  •  Opportunities to mentor women entrepreneurs
  •  Opportunities to be a featured speaker at events

Member Commitments:

  • Contribute a minimum of $250 annually to LaunchBox Ladies (tax deductible) to support Lehigh Valley women entrepreneurs through LaunchBox Ladies events and the LaunchBox grant program.
  • Support the mission of the LaunchBox Ladies program by promoting women in business and women entrepreneurs
  • To contribute to LaunchBox Ladies Ambassadors Circle and be a distinguished Ambassador for women’s entrepreneurship visit:

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