Brainstorm With LaunchBox

Help From The First Email

No applications, just help with your idea or business from day one. “Brainstorm With LaunchBox” is a new name to our original open-door policy. If you have an idea for a new company or want help to grow your current company, we’ll keep you inspired and moving in the right direction.



1-hour breakthroughs:

“I was totally energized by our discussion yesterday. The other advisors I had spoken with didn’t encourage a small batch testing for salability, and I am so very grateful you mentioned this. It’s an OBVIOUS step that I somehow overlooked…Thank you so very much for the conversation.”

We often get referrals...

“The Lehigh Valley LaunchBox was a major factor in the success of my company and 100% confident in their capabilities.”

Help revamping your company:

“We are delighted to be working with you. We look forward to our next meeting to discuss branding!”


What does it cost?

It’s free. All of our help is no-cost for PA residents and businesses. Additionally LaunchBox doesn’t not take any equity or ownership in your company. Here at the Lehigh Valley LaunchBox we focus on the the greater Lehigh Valley. If you’re outside our area we can still help! There are 21 innovation hubs throughout PA and we can connect you with those additional hubs.

What do I need to have ready for the brainstorm sessions?

The floor is yours! Come with as much or as little preparation as you’d like. In general, just come with questions and we’ll talk through the nexts steps to move forward with your business or idea.

How do I schedule a brainstorm?

The best way to schedule is to email Include a-little bit about yourself and what you are working on. Also include what day of the week and time of day would work best for you. We typically are able to get you on the schedule within 7 business days.